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In A Router, What Is Default Route Used For?

It is used when there is no specific entry in the routing IP table.


What Will The Bgp First Check To See If A Prefix Is Accessible?

BGP will check next hop attribute to determine next hop is accessible


What Are The Two Methods For Reducing The Number Of Ibgp Connection In A Network?

These are confederation and route reflector


In A Network Of Routers And Switches, What Is The Difference Between Routing And Switching?

Switching make the final ultimate delivery while routing select the best available path in a network.


What Is The Difference Between Rip And Ospf?

RIP broadcast its routing table after each 30 seconds while OSPF only update those entries which are missing the neighbour routing table


What Is the Difference between Classless & Class full Routing?

Class full routing don not advertise subnet mask information along with the network prefix while classless routing do.


What Is The Main Purpose Of Areas In Ospfv2?


Routers networks are divided in to areas which are they connected to backbone area0. The areas help you to give performance and easy to handle big network

What Types Of Routers Are Allowed In Totally Stubby Areas?

In totally stubby area, inter area and intra area route and default route are allowed.


What Are The Router Types In Ospf?

There are Internal Router, ASBR and ABR


What Will Be The Broadcast Ip Of The